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La Cazuela M & J!
For many years La Cazuela M & J has been delighting tourists and locals alike with traditional Mexican and American style dishes. We are proud to serve you healthy, delicious breakfasts and lunches using fresh, natural, regional ingredients and all prepared with the same care and originality our restaurant is famous for.

La Cazuela M & J is named after the specialty of the house, La Cazuela, created by chef/owner Marco Fraga. What is a cazuela? It's something like an omelet and something like a soufflé, prepared with a variety of mouth-watering and innovative combinations and served in its own ceramic dish.

Located on the corner of Abasolo and Guerrero, our inviting atmosphere, recently called the prettiest restaurant on Isla Mujeres, features indoor and patio sitting. Our nostalgia wall is filled with old photos of Isla Mujeres, some dating back over 50 years. A slice of Isla history you don't want to miss!

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